American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony Cheap Toilet Review

A new toilet which has a very affordable price in the market is here!

We introduce to you the American Standard 2435.012.020 Colony Fit Right Elongated 2 piece Toilet. This elongated toilet 2 piece combination with a beautiful design and texture, plus the amazing flush performance you can have it now with free handling and delivery.

No need to think twice since this is also the same with other leading toilet products in the Industry, of course manufactured by American Standard brand. From its high performance to fashionable high style design, American Standard brands perfectly meets the products you ever wanted, together with the satisfactory quality and good value that your whole family needed most.

Ratings statistics
29 customers rated this toilet for 3.7 out of 5 stars, 13 of them rated 5 stars and only 3 customers rated 1 star.

Things to know about this American Standard Colony FitRight
You don’t need to worry why it has a low customer rates, some customers normally misunderstood the products and features of this toilet. This toilet has a Water Consumption of 1.6 GPF and Flow Rate of 1.66 GPM this is also the same with other leading toilet brands.
Also, this specific toilet was rated and tested to flush a 600 grams of feces in a single flush.
The Colony FitRight has a perfect hydraulics, gravity design and patent-pending slotted rimto provide a satisfactory performance and high quality flushing with no clogs at all.

Main feature of the Toilet
Besides of the patent-pending slotted rim design this Colony FitRight has also a powerful direct-fed jetted bowl which combines a 2-Inch fully glazed trapway,2-Inch flush valve and a 9-Inch by 8-Inch water surface area. By this features the toilet can provide a powerful flushing performance and this will give you a Powerful Siphon-Jet Flush.

 Wise Money Saver Toilet
Though this model is cheaper than the rest, still it offers the same performance and quality features of that expensive toilet model. Base on customers reviews and their usage of this toilet, they said that it has very good performance in terms of flushing, no sediments left behind, stays clean and good looking with modernized design and affordable price. This is a great deal in the market.

Customers comments why they like this product

  1. L Philipps says ” I found the best toilet that I keep searching for years since the price of the toilet is the main factor for me and this toilet that I have found is absolutely great”
  2. Kdutton commented ” It is very easy to install and works perfectly great”
  3. Mark strongly says ” This toilet works great and exceeded my expectations, it is a great value for money”
  4. Xsnail regrets “I should have order this toilet way back before I have toilet issues and theres no need to call a plumber’
  5. Janet says “This is absolutely a great product with a slim design and a fashionable look combines with a powerful performance, it is a worth paying for”