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My name is Jessica. I am the president of a popular sorority in the university. Lately, I noticed that the rate of date rape cases have significantly increased based on national statistics. I could not be more concerned with the safety of fellow members with regards to the issue.

Without second thoughts, I took some money from our funds and went to buy stun guns online. There were several stun guns to choose from and I enjoyed picking the best ones for the diverse characters in my group.

I first thought about Nini, a freshman, who was timid and vulnerable. I bought her the Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight that is 15 inches long and can stun an attacker with 600,000 volts.

Having decided to buy stun guns online, I got the Double Trouble Stun Gun in 1.2 million volts for the vice president, Keisha. It has doubled power because of its contact points spaced wider from each other. I also bought a gun safe after these gun safe reviews.

The Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun in 2.7 million volts was the one I bought for my best friend, Nelly. It is made with a very bright LED flashlight and 110 dB personal alarm. I was also worried about her because she is the type who could not hurt a fly.

I bought Anna, my secretary, the Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton in 800,000 volts. It comes with a flashlight and 120 dB alarm that has an electrified metal part that can be extended up to 21.5 inches long.

For all other members, I bought Stun Master Stun Guns in 100,000, 200,000 and 300,000 volts. I got a lifetime warranty for all of them. I am glad that I could easily buy stun guns online for the protection of myself and my members.

Protection is a priority in our sorority. All college girls out there should buy stun guns online today. As for anyone else, keep yourself and your loved ones safe just as I did for my sisters.