Luxury Down Comforters

Goose down is the most common filling for luxury down comforters. While it is rare due to there listing on the endangered species list, they are still some products made from the down of the Eider Duck. These exceptional comforters are incredibly expensive, as the down can only be harvested from the empty nests of the Eider duck.

Even when quality down comforters are not made from Eider duck, they still tend to be expensive, especially if they use down from Canadian Hutterite farms. Hutterite down is highly sought after by comforter manufacturers. When there is no more Hutterite down available in a given year, manufacturers then purchase high quality down from some European and former Soviet block countries. You get the best down from Geese that are raised in colder climates, as they need it to keep themselves warm. These work great on your fold up beds too.

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Feathers are sometimes added to the down to fill the entire comforter. If the small feathers of a duck are used the quills usually will not poke through the comforter cover. One advantage of using feathers is that it helps to lower the cost. Some inexpensive down comforters are also produced using white goose down from Asia. Check our guide on rollaway beds here

Luxury Down Comforters Can Be Custom Made
You will often have the option of monogramming your down comforter when you order it. This is done by luxury hotels and individuals alike to show pride of ownership. For families it is nice to personalize a gift through the use of monograms. There is often an additional fee charged for this service, but for many people it is worth the investment.