What does capricious mean

capricious definition: It means to be suddenly indicative of an unpredictable change that can happen at any moment.

Noun: -capriciousness

Adjective: -noncapricious

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  • it is due to the capricious nature of Jimmy that he found it extremely hard to keep a job that would help him to make a certain amount of money and take care of all his bills.
  • After having gone through the different types of medications, the capricious nature of Jon has now subsided to manageable amounts.
  • In case you would want to get married outside, you would only have to glance at the capricious so as to change your decision.
  • As a boy approaching the age of 35, it is time for you to settle down and stop the capricious nature that you seem to thrive on.
  • It is important for a person to get rid of the feeling of being capricious and try and get a mental stability in their lives.
  • There is a lot that can actually be told about the nature of Jimmy, particularly about his capricious mentality.