What Kind of Mattress Works Best on Bunk Beds?

It’s true that, wherever you go, people are working harder than ever to stretch their money. With more and more college graduates and other adult children returning to the nest and with most people delaying moves for as long as possible, bunk beds are an extremely attractive option that is getting ever more attractive. http://www.mommaps.com/best-crib-mattress-reviews/

Although we know that many people associate bunks either with kids’ rooms or with dorms, hostels, and a wide variety of places we’ll politely call “institutions,” they can be an attractive and fun option for a wide variety of users. Moreover, they are available in an assortment of formats ranging from traditional twin-over-twins to ones that accommodate full size mattresses, and they can appeal to users of most age groups.

That’s why we are hearing more and more questions about what type of mattresses work best with bunks. The answer is that the situation is really not all that different from any other type of sturdy bed frame. Certainly, twin size latex mattresses will fit on most traditional twin over twin bunk set-ups — and will work better than many other types of mattresses because of all the same properties that make them superior choices for any type of bedding.

The same obviously applies to more unusual set-ups, like twin over full bunk beds or, most unusual of all, full over full size-set ups. As an alternative, believe it or not, futons are also a very popular choice for all types of bunks and many sets are designed especially to work with them.

Of course, the weight and exact size of the mattress is a factor, so you should definitely check with your retailer to make sure the style of mattress you desire will go with the type of bunk beds that you have purchased. Like everything else, a little common sense will ensure that your bedding purchases will be successful ones.