Youth Football Glove Guide

It is not cheap to equip your son or daughter to play football. Cleats, gloves and other gear can add up quickly.  It is important to do your research so you get the best value for your dollars.  At the same time, you want to make sure you are spending your money on the right equipment so you give your future all pro the best chance to succeed while looking good and being comfortable.

Below I have compiled a list of the top football glove options for young football players.  This list is much like the Comparison Matrix on the front page of this site, only geared toward young players.  If you have a teenager or a child who is big for their age, you could very easily give them a pair of adult size gloves.  But the industry does produce many options for kids of all ages.

Like any product you can spend a little or a lot and everything in between.  The main advantage to getting a pair of youth football gloves is the fit.  Kids have small hands and feet.  You don’t slap a pair of size 10 cleats on their feet and expect them to perform or be happy, so you shouldn’t give them a pair of gloves that are too big.

The main advantage of a good pair of football gloves is that the act as a second skin and give your palms a tacky surface to get a better grip on the ball.  If there are wrinkles or sagging, the gloves will do more harm than good.